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At BlackXodus Development Corporation, we are dedicated to innovative problem-solving and finding the best solution to fit your specific business needs. A clear set of principles and values have allowed us to readily adapt to the constant changes occuring in the market today.

 Our Mission: Building the Black Economy


The economic conditions of America are a sign of the times. It is clear that Black people cannot afford to wait on the U.S. Government or corporate charitable contributions to do for us what we can do for ourselves.


-We must develop an economy to serve Black America as a foundation to provide the needs and wants of our people. -We must build and finance our own future.


BlackXodus Development Corporation is a business development consulting firm founded on these truths and our company is committed to building the Black Economy. Our network of business development engineers are structuring a Road to Economic Independence for Black Communities by serving business owners, entrepreneurs, and non-profit directors with business support and executive assistance.